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Welcome to Emerson Heights

Emerson Heights is proud to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Emerson Heights neighborhood dates to the 1910s, when developers purchased farmland on the edge of Indianapolis’s east side, divided it onto parcels, and began building Arts and Crafts-style homes on the lots. The developers established the boundaries of Emerson Heights as Tenth Street to the north, Michigan Street to the south, Linwood Avenue to west, and Emerson Avenue to the east. These remain the neighborhood’s boundaries today.

When Emerson Heights was founded, streetcars had been running to nearby Irvington for several years, but the rise of the automobile made the area even more accessible to residents moving out of the congested downtown . The real-estate company that developed Emerson Heights built quality homes at affordable prices, and this helped to attract the growing middle class to the neighborhood.

Emerson Heights was a carefully planned community, with many of the homes situated on hillsides above streets with esplanades. No homes could be built for less than $1,200, and all had to be set back an equal distance from the curb in order to create a pleasant streetscape. Entrances to the neighborhood featured brick pillars adorned with flowers.

All the qualities that helped make Emerson Heights appealing in its early years still abound today. The neighborhood continues to be accessible to downtown and to the city’s suburban retail districts. Residents can choose from a variety of good schools and can enjoy nearby amenities such as parks and trails. The solid homes, built so sturdily nearly a century ago, have stood the test of time. Today the homes’ magnificent features, including fine woodwork, unique built-ins, and beveled-glass windows, draw in new generations who are eager to call Emerson Heights home.

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National Register Nomination Approved!
The Emerson Heights neighborhood was listed on the National Register of Historic Places 3/31/2010.

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